My Work Experience

I have about 3 years of professional work experience from working in India. I started as a "Software Engineer" at Aricent Group. From there I moved onto Briosys where I was the "System Architect - Software". I'm the "Co-Founder and Application Developer" @ !Works and am currently holding a Graduate Research Assistantship as a part of my Masters at Georgia Tech.

Graduate Research Assistant Georgia Tech

Sep '13 - Present

Jigsaw   Java Swing

Jigsaw is a visual analytics system to help analysts and researchers better explore, analyze, and make sense of a large collection of short text documents or spreadsheets. Its focus is on presenting the identifiable important entities (people, places, organizations, etc.) and their direct or indirect connections. The system includes a variety of visualizations such as list, graph, temporal and connection-based views, as well as views of individual document's text and the document collection as a whole.

My Responsibilities
  • Maintaining the existing system by providing timely and important bug fixes.
  • Implementing new features.
  • Improving existing features.

Co - Founder & Application Developer !Works

Jun '10 – Present

!Works (read as notWorks) is something that just started out as a hobby. We are primarily into mobile and web designing and have also released a couple of apps on the Google Play Store. We have over 2,00,000 users who are benefiting from our apps everyday.

Cricket Pro   Java Android JSON PHP MySQL

Cricket Pro is an Android Application on the Google Play Store that provides live cricket scores for International matches being played around the world. It has more than 70,000 downloads and has an average user rating of 4.43. The application has gone through numerous iterations, with each iteration bringing in some of the latest features that Android has to offer. Apart from the usual scorecard, fall of wickets, squads and partnership details, it was one of the first apps on the market to come out with a "Leanback" mode.

My Responsibilities
  • Providing feedback on the design of the app.
  • Conversion the design into an Android Application
  • Implementing some of the features of the app.

If you are a big fan of cricket, this app is definitely a must-have. Its nice interface and myriad of features will keep you and your friends up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of Cricket.

Android App Reviews in Droid Idol

An accessible, well designed and conceived no nonsense app. Good show.

Thomas Laird @ Play Store

Wordprep Flashcards   Java Android SQLite

Wordprep Flashcards is an Android Application on the Google Play Store that allows users to improve their vocabulary by using the flash-card analogy on a hand-held device. It is one of the more popular apps in this segment and has also been featured in Google's Back to School campaign. It has more than 1,75,000 downloads with an average user rating of 4.25.

My Responsibilities
  • Providing feedback on the design of the app.
  • Conversion the design into an Android Application
  • Implementing some of the features of the app.
  • Currently working on the tablet version of the app.

System Architect - Software Briosys

Sep '11 – May '13

Briosys is a startup in Chennai, India. It has a small team of young and enterprising people led by a very supportive and capable CEO. I was one of the first employees there and I have learnt a great deal from my time at Briosys.

RightCar   PHP Yii Framework MySQL jQuery CentOS Shell Scripting

The Indian used-car market is a booming, but it's very disorganized. RightCar is a project that aims at standardizing the way used-cars are bought and sold in India. It allows the users to evaluate a car that they are willing to buy/sell. RightCar would suggest the most likely price of the car based on past transactions of a similar car.

My Responsibilities
  • Implemented some of the core functionalities on the web site (Classifieds, User Management).
  • Authored jQuery plug-ins to increase the responsiveness of the site.
  • Configuration and Maintenance of the Virtual Private Server (CentOS)
  • Actively involved in the recruitment team of the company.
  • Mentored a junior with mobile applications development.

Software Engineer Aricent Group

Aug '10 – Sep '11

TAF is a custom Java framework that has helped reduce the manual testing effort of an in-flight entertainment product of Aircell, USA.

My Responsibilities
  • Developed a framework for regression testing of use cases. It was also capable of exporting the results in the form of an excel sheet.
  • Part of the team that designed the GUI for the above framework.

Coupon Aggregation Application in Android   Java Android SQLite

Training project at Aricent Group. Primarily involved in the development of the Android App. It involved multi-level lists depicting the categories of coupons available. Clicking on an individual coupon would show details of the coupon along with its availability on a map.

My Responsibilities
  • Designed the several UI screens for the application
  • Created the Android application.