My Education

I'm currently pursuing my Master's in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. My specialization is Visual Analytics and am actively pursuing research projects in the field. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, India.

MS in Computer Science Georgia Institute of Technology
Aug '13 - Present

I'm a first year grad student who is actively on the lookout for Internship opportunities (probably in the field of Visual Analytics) during Summer '14. I'm a member of the Information Interfaces Research Group.

Information Visualization team project. This project aims to change the way crime and accident data is visualized by moving the focus to the specific routes a user can take through the city. Crime information is shown to a user along a route, or series of way points, along with contextual information about the types of crimes that occur along that route. This project also helps the user determine if there are any temporal patterns in the crime that occurs along their chosen route.

My Responsibilities
  • Designed a new representation for displaying overall crime statistics along a route using NodeLink diagrams.
  • Instrumental in implementing all the visualizations using d3.js
  • Helped integrate the API's with the visualizations

This project was a directed study course under Dr. John Stasko and it helped me gain a working experience on how Information Visualization can be used to explore and understand golf data. The scope of the project was to do a design study and the prototypes were created using d3.js.

My Responsibilities
  • Participated in the design requirement discussions.
  • Created all the visualizations for the same using d3.js

Developed a constraint based layout manager in Android based on the Cassowary Linear Constraint Solver algorithm. Constraints can be specified both statically (via XML attributes) and dynamically (via JAVA Code). The demo application also includes a dynamic layout editor that would allow users to dynamically add view elements and add constraints relative to other elements.

This project is available @ github.

My Responsibilities
  • Created a virtual representation of all the view elements that could be fed to the Cassowary constraint solver.
  • Created the Demo Android application for the project.
  • Implemented the Linear Constraint Layout by inheriting Linear Layout and adding the other features.

Android application that is meant to assist in the scheduling of sports and selection of opponents of similar skill levels. It also generates ELO rankings for all players in that sport. App was declared runner-up in the Convergence Innovation Competition, Fall 2013 at Georgia Tech. The application uses novel interaction techniques like NFC and the Bump API.

My Responsibilities
  • Designed more than half of the screens in Android
  • Helped implement the Bump API.

B.E. Computer Science SSN College of Engineering
2006 - 2010

I have been the recipient of three "merit scholarships" from my college. I served as a Treasurer for my department's symposium "Paradigm", the college's cultural "Instincts" and the department's CSI chapter. I was also a member of a "Dumb-Charades" team of three which won numerous symposium and culturals. I secured the 27th rank among 14,510 candidates in the Computer Science department from Anna University.

Demonstrated rule-based web service composition technique to aggregate heterogeneous databases working on multiple platforms and compose them into single web service. Developed a web application that facilitates GRE and MBA aspirants to estimate their chances of securing admit in a particular course and/or university based on their competitive exam scores.

My Responsibilities
  • Implemented the web-service that composed the responses from individual databases
  • Integrated weather channel API

Created a centralized attendance system for my department that allows the students to access their attendance records and the faculty to generate reports with complex filters that could be summarized by class / course / student. This system is still being used by the Computer Science Department.

My Responsibilities
  • Created the database schema and wrote the backend API's required for the project
  • Integrated the API's with the UI designs.